The Modern Women's Guide To Wearing Leggings

While women dream of breaking the glass ceiling, here we are still tied to uncomfortable outfit choices that are designed to please the eyes but barely fit well. Modern women today like to call their own shots and would rather work out in shorts. Women today look at comfort as an essential and not a privilege that needs to be earned. We at Life & Jam hear you! A brand that’s made by modern women for modern women.

Modern women don't just include someone who is kicking ass at a corporate job or is painting murals hanging from walls. Modern women are women at large striving to make a mark by fighting the odds every waking minute of their day.

Modern Women Wardrobe Essentials

In a wardrobe full of clothes, I still pick my worn to death leggings at any given point of the day without giving any other outfit a second thought. Leggings serve the purpose without making me constantly worry about wanting to unbutton after a good meal or trying to fit a pair of keys if I’m out for a run. With leggings there’s room for everything and it’s made to fit everybody

  • A fabric that accentuates your real body and makes you appreciate your God gifted curves! #selflove #bodypositivity
  • Leggings have a longer shelf life than your old cargos and denims. And they're obviously more comfy!
  • The thought of investing in new clothes every time a new fashion trend is introduced sounds like extortion to us, and in no way sustainable. We want to make the world a better place to live in and leggings have stood the test of time - they're evergreen and versatile, making your everyday wardrobe decisions easier.
  • Women today want to counter multiple problems with one solution. Even Aishwarya Rai swears by it *wink wink* because You’re worth it. I.Y.K.Y.K . Legging is that one piece of clothing that can be your staple on any given day when paired with the right top and shoes. Heels with leggings? Great.. Sneakers with leggings? Ofcourse! Just slip on some slide-ons on a lazy day? For sure girl. You’ll never be out of style.

Activewear is no longer just confined within the walls of the gym. Women today are breaking the stereotypes of grey and black suits and displacing the scene with comfy, everyday fashion, be at work or even when you're just having a good time.

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