Unveiling The BETTER Sports Bras: Your Ultimate Guide from Yoga to HIIT

Let’s dive right in to understand what you need in your sports bra to feel comfy during any workout from Yoga to HIIT.

1. The one where we make you forget your back pain:

If you find yourself experiencing back aches and body pain after workouts due to your sports bra, chances are you're using the wrong one.

You need customised support depending on your choice of activity and chest size!

At Life and Jam, we understand the importance of comfort and support during exercise. That's why we offer a sports bra with adjustable straps, specifically designed for your convenience and tailored to provide the perfect fit for your unique needs.

These sports bras provide high support and coverage when needed by allowing you to adjust the straps for a tighter fit, ensuring maximum support.

Conversely, for those moments when comfort is paramount, simply loosen the straps for a more relaxed, low-coverage feel prioritizing comfort above all else.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to workouts with ease!

2. The one where we prioritized convenience and aesthetics:

If you often feel the need to unhook your bra during workout breaks but can't due to obvious reasons, we understand your struggle.

That's why we've got you covered. Introducing our sports bra with back hook opening, designed specifically for those moments when you need to ease out without feeling uncomfortable.

Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to uninterrupted workouts with ease and convenience.

3. The one where we make sure you can perform every move without feeling insecure:

If you're someone who always worries about cleavage showing during workouts, worry no more. Our sports bras from Life & Jam offer high-coverage designs, ensuring maximum coverage and eliminating insecurities.

Say goodbye to distractions and hello to confident, uninhibited movements!

4. The one where we give you the control:

Have you ever experienced the need to tighten or loosen your sports bra during workout breaks? You're not alone! At Life and Jam, we understand this common struggle.

That's why we've designed our sports bras with innovative features that give you the control to unhook, tighter or loosen your sports bra without having to adjust the entire garment.

Yes, you heard us right! Say goodbye to the inconvenience of readjusting your bra mid-workout and hello to seamless, hassle-free exercise sessions.

5. The one where we brought back your favourite colour in The BETTER Sports Bbras:

Yes, you guessed that right! It’s Mountain Tan, everyone’s favourite is back in the form of our BETTER sports bras that Fit like Freedom! Life & Jam understand how monotonous it is to wear the same old hues, which is why we have introduced 5 new colours for our brand new training sets!

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