Why Do We Use The Words ‘Real Women’ In Our Instagram Bio?

Our story began in 2020 with a road trip, a chance encounter and the mutual desire to live freely. We wanted to afford the luxury of chasing adventure and being us without anyone’s permission. And the open roads allowed us to do just that.

We returned to the city, fully inspired, wheels turning, determined to bring this emotion consistently into our lives and the live of the women around us.

We realised that the only way to feel that was by being truly comfortable in our skin to pursue experiences, no matter where we were.

Being comfortable in our clothes is a prerequisite to being comfortable in our skin. For us, ‘real women’ and ‘inclusivity’ doesn’t just mean using particular kinds of models in our shoots, it means making comfort accessible to everyone no matter what their size.

Our products are made for modern India, for those who don't care about wearing something new every day; for those who want great products that allow them to go about their demanding lives seamlessly.
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