Why Life & Jam? Why Fits Like Freedom?


❓ Why Life & Jam? 

Our products are made for everyday wear, to go from work to workout. They’re made to ensure our L&J fam feels max comfort in 'Life' and are geared to do whatever they want - whatever their 'Jam'!

❓Why Fits like Freedom?

We realise that the only way to feel completely free is  to be truly comfortable in our skin is to pursue experiences, no matter where we are. For us, being comfortable in our clothes is a prerequisite to being comfortable in our skin. Which is why comfort, fit and functionality are at the centre of our existence and all our gear is crafted for movement #madetojam.

We’ve consciously created a range of versatile, fluid and fun designs, using superior quality raw materials so you and us can wear Life & Jam, on the go, anywhere in the world. Our products literally Fit like Freedom!

❓Logo Symbolism:

Our logo is a 3d quotation mark derived from the L & J of Life & Jam and denotes freedom of speech and consequently freedom to be who you want to be.  

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