Activewear To Work - Yay Or Nay?

Imagine sitting in a comfortable pair of leggings that’s breathable, stretchy and vibes with your mood. The thought of it makes you want to lounge in them the whole day, right?

What if I told you that this dream is not a far fetched one. Life & Jam, brings to you leggings that are versatile and look and feel soooo good!

Say goodbye to your work pants! Invest in woke fashion.

Why have two separate wardrobes for work and leisure when you can invest in one that does the job of both?

I dread wearing thick work pants and worry about it creasing every single time I want to sit comfortably. It annoys me how shabby they look by the end of the day. And truth be told, work wear in the same old black and beige colours that seldom fit you right is BORRRING. A girl needs her colours and to not be confined by the societal idea of what she needs to wear to work. Here are some pro-tips on how to style your leggings to work.

How to style your legging for work?

1. Style your leggings to set your mood for the day. 

Monday blues no more or when you're this comfortable. Leggings to work paired with a nice chic linen white shirt is exactly what you need to navigate your busy day, dawn to dusk! Throw some sneakers on or jazz it up with some flat ballerinas and you are good to go. 

2. A top that’s top notch.

Your choice of top can make a ton of difference. The idea is to balance the upper half of your outfit with the lower half to give it more definition. A long loose fitted top can do justice to a well fitted legging at the bottom. If your choice of leggings is our Mountain Tan ones, a light blue top would make for perfect evening wear and a white tulle top would be our top morning suggestion. Alternatively you can opt to wear a crop that's light and comfy paired with denims or joggers depending on how formal or casual your office usually is.

3. Raise the bar high!

High-waist leggings with a blazer looks top-notch. It gives the boss lady vibe while you continue to slay comfortably. Of course, going to work everyday is like waging a war and it helps to have everything handy. Leggings with pocket adds on to the functionality of an already comfortable outfit. 

4. Versatile A.M to P.M outfits!

A perfect Friday night outfit but no time to change? Throw on a longline sports bra with a casual jacket paired with your leggings to go from work to chill without worrying about your outfit creasing during the day or feeling super uncomfy at work.

If these aren’t enough reasons to ditch your boring formals let me give you one last reason that’s enough for you to add-to-cart. Life & Jam sports bras, leggings with pockets, quick drying tops and shorties are consciously constructed to be worn repeatedly so you need to buy fewer things.

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