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If you wish to update your closet staples, look no further, because Life & Jam has just what you need. We don’t just create fashionable pieces of clothing for you, we also put extra emphasis on the comfort and durability of our products so that you have the best possible shopping experience. 

Our Waffle Sleeves Crop Top, Waffle Sleeveless Crop Top, and Butter Half Flowy Gym Tank are made with premium fabrics that are super quick-dry, stretchy and of course, breathable. So whether you’re going to work or to workout, if you’re wearing our women’s athleisurewear, you’ll be prepared to tackle any challenge that’s thrown your way.


What are the key features of Life & Jam tops?

  • Our tops are trendy, comfortable, and versatile. 
  • They’re designed to accentuate Indian body types and will Fit You Like Freedom.
  • The GSM (grams per square metre) of the fabric we use is on the lower side, meaning the material is light and breezy, yet sturdy. 
  • The fabrics we use for our tops are of the quick-drying kind. 
  • Our tops can also be stretched 4 ways, meaning they can be stretched across their width as well as length, without any damage or puckering. 
  • Our tops have great coverage and are non-transparent. 
  • We source our materials from reliable manufacturers to create products that are meant to last you for a very long time. 

What are quick-drying tops, and why should I consider them?

Quick-dry fabrics do not absorb sweat– instead they transfer it to the surface, and then the sweat/moisture evaporates, thus achieving the process of quick drying. Generally speaking, quick-dry fabrics dry twice as fast as other fabrics. The best quick-drying fabrics contain synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon, which have high moisture-wicking abilities, just like what we use to make our quick-drying women’s gym tops

What material are these tops made of?

All our quick-drying crop tops and tank tops are made of a breathable and comfortable blend of premium nylon and spandex. Our sweater, tees and causal tanks are made of superior quality cotton blend

What activities can I do in these tops?

Although you can wear our quick-dry tops anywhere– on a date, to work, or even while running errands– they’re especially suited for high-intensity workouts where you sweat a lot, like CrossFit, boxing, running, etc. You can also wear them during the monsoons and make use of the moisture-wicking feature to stay dry and comfortable.

Are there any care tips to maintain the colour and quality of the Life & Jam tops? Don’t worry, maintaining Life and Jam products is hassle-free and easy. Here’s what you should keep in mind: 

  • Sort our products by colour before washing them so that they do not bleed into each other. Separate the whites and pastels from the brighter and darker colours. 
  • Make sure to turn our products INSIDE-OUT before washing. Use cold water, as warm/hot water may cause the fabric to shrink. 
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach while washing. A gentle detergent will suffice. 
  • If you’re using a washing machine, opt for the delicate wash option. The regular or heavy-duty cycle may cause damage to the fabric. 
  • Do not tumble dry, do not use the dryer. Instead, turn the garment inside out and flat dry. 
  • When ironing, opt for the low heat setting.
  • Signature Smooth Fabrics

    India doesn't have hot girl summers, it has sweaty and humid girl summers which is why our activewear is made from long-lasting, breathable, lightweight, 4-way stretch, smooth, quick drying, anti-microbial and odour-resistant fabrics.

  • Designed For Modern India

    We grew tired of getting our clothes altered for length and struggling to find more room for our bodies in the bust and booty areas. So, we designed a line of sports bras and leggings keeping the Indian body type in mind.

  • Made To Last

    We use long-lasting fabrics and sturdy construction to build our low support & high support sports bras, high waist leggings with pockets and shorties, which means you can wear Life & Jam every day without worrying about premature wear & tear.

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