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Nobody does leggings for women like Life & Jam. Our Dawn To Dusk Leggings have got it all – quick-dry fabric, 4-way stretch, built-in crotch gusset, deep pockets, full coverage, and of course, a chic style that you’ll fall in love with. If that doesn’t convince you, they are high-waisted and also have pockets. With our workout leggings, you’ll be ready to tackle any activity. They are suited to all environments; wear them to run errands, wear them to the office, and then head right on to the gym!


What are the key features of the Life and Jam leggings? 

Our leggings are trendy, comfortable, and versatile.

  • They’re high-waisted and designed to accentuate Indian body types.
  • They provide full coverage and have zero transparency.
  • They have built-in pockets.
  • Our leggings have a built-in crotch gusset so that you don’t have to deal with the camel toe effect.
  • The fabric has 4-way stretch, meaning it can be stretched across its width as well as length, without any damage or puckering.
  • The fabric absorbs moisture well, yet dries quickly.
  • The fabric is anti-microbial and also odour resistant.
  • Our leggings are easy to take on and off.

What is the fabric used in these leggings? 

Our leggings are made of a fabric blend that consists of polyester (90%) and spandex (10%). They have a brushed feel which is very smooth and soft against the skin.

How should I care for and wash polyester leggings? 

Since heat is abrasive to polyester, make sure to use cold or very lukewarm water to wash our athletic leggings. Do not use fabric softeners, they can damage the elasticity of the product. Make sure that the heat is turned down low when ironing, or avoid it altogether if you wish. Avoid tumble drying and instead opt for flat drying.

How do I choose the right size of leggings for my body shape? 

We have a comprehensive size guide available for your reference so that you don’t encounter any problems while choosing the perfect pair of leggings for yourself. Measure yourself around the thinnest part of your waist, because that’s where our high-waisted leggings will sit. Our product sculpts and holds your body, so no matter what your body type, you’ll feel and look great.

What makes Life & Jam leggings suitable for the Indian body type? 

When it comes to women, it goes without saying that our bodies are all unique and beautiful in their own ways. Indian women in particular are naturally curvaceous, especially around the bust, hip, and stomach area. Additionally, due to the very nature of our bodies, we tend to sweat more. This makes athleisure wear suitable for our bodies because the synthetic materials absorb moisture and provide a cooling effect. Our leggings aren’t just quick to dry, they’re also anti-microbial and odour resistant.

What materials are best for leggings in the hot and humid Indian weather? 

Keeping the hot and humid climate of India in mind, one should definitely opt for leggings that are made with synthetic fabrics like spandex, lycra, nylon, or polyester, because they are breathable, stretchy, and wick away moisture. Synthetic fabrics also do not show as much sweat as, say, pure cotton. Our athletic leggings are made with brushed polyester fabric and are the perfect fit for the Indian climate.

Do these leggings have a pocket for storing small items like keys or a phone?

Our leggings have two deep pockets on either side which fit personal items like a mobile phone, house keys, and other tidbits, so you can go hands-free anytime.

Are these leggings squat-proof and suitable for workouts? 

Yes, our gym leggings are absolutely squat-proof. They will not tear, so feel free to go crazy with the workouts ladies!

  • Signature Smooth Fabrics

    India doesn't have hot girl summers, it has sweaty and humid girl summers which is why our activewear is made from long-lasting, breathable, lightweight, 4-way stretch, smooth, quick drying, anti-microbial and odour-resistant fabrics.

  • Designed For Modern India

    We grew tired of getting our clothes altered for length and struggling to find more room for our bodies in the bust and booty areas. So, we designed a line of sports bras and leggings keeping the Indian body type in mind.

  • Made To Last

    We use long-lasting fabrics and sturdy construction to build our low support & high support sports bras, high waist leggings with pockets and shorties, which means you can wear Life & Jam every day without worrying about premature wear & tear.

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